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4 Color Themes To Choose From

Your Christmas Page In Three Easy Steps

Promoting Your Christmas Services has never been this easy!

Choose A Design

Four color designs to choose from!

Fill Out Your Information

After purchase we will send you a questionaire for all the details of your Christmas Services. Once we receive that, we will input your information on your custom page.

Promote Your Custom Christmas Page

After you approve your page, we’ll point it to your domain or give you a free subdomain (yourchurch.worshipthischristmas.com). Then you can start promoting your Christmas services in your community.

Purchase your page and be ready this Christmas

Reach more people with the message of Christmas this year.

4 Color Themes To Choose From

Blue Christmas Theme

$69 (free subdomain) or
$89 (custom domain)

Gold Christmas Theme

$69 (free subdomain) or
$89 (custom domain)

Green Christmas Theme

$69 (free subdomain) or
$89 (custom domain)

Red Christmas Theme

$69 (free subdomain) or
$89 (custom domain)

How To Use Your Christmas Page

Here are a few ways you can promote your Christmas page to your community.

Create a Facebook Ad or Post to drive traffic to your Christmas Page. Ask your church to share on social.

Facebook Ad

During every service encourage your church family to visit and share your Christmas Page.

Word Of Mouth

Print up some 4 X 6 Cards and ask your church family to hand them out to their friends and neighbors.

Invite Cards

Promote your Christmas website with a roadside banner or  posters your place throughout your church.

Banner or Poster

Simple Pricing

We’ve worked to make this affordable for every church, no matter your size.

*Please note: If you want to redirect a page from your current website to your Christmas page, please talk with your web administrator on how to do this. This article will get you started.

Or you can purchase the $89 option and we will set up the redirect for you.

**Custom domains are limited to .com .org .net or .online.
Other domains like .church or .christmas can be added for an additional fee.

Here’s How It Works

Watch this to see how easy it is to get a custom Christmas page.

All Your Questions Answered

How does this work?

It’s simple really.

You purchase a custom page and choose your design.

We will send you a questionnaire to fill out with all the details you want included on your Christmas page.

We will input your information and send you the draft.

You let us know what changes (if any) need to be made.

You approve the page.

We point the page to your custom domain  or you can use a free domain from us (www.yourchurch.worshipthischristmas.com).

You start promoting your Christmas services by driving traffic to the page!

How long will it take?

After you purchase and fill out the questionaire, your page will be ready for review in 48 hours. After you approve the page, it will be live in 24 hours or less.

How much does it cost?

Everything is included for the one time price of $69.00 or $89.00.

What is a domain and what are my options?

A domain is the URL that people type in to get to your website. (Google.com)

We offer a free subdomain (yourchurch.worshipthischristmas.com) with each purchase.

We can also help you set up a redirect from your current website to your Christmas page. For example, if someone types in yourchurch.com/christmas – that will automatically redirect to your page.

The $89 option includes a custom domain of your choosing. As long as the domain is avaialable for purchase, we will point your Christmas page to that domain. Example: yourchurchchristmas.com.

What about pictures?

As part of the questionnaire, you will be asked to send us any pictures you want included on the site. 

If you don’t have any pictures to use, we will use generic / stock photos that will work for most churches.

What if we don't have a website?

No problem! We will give you a subdomain just for your church. (yourchurch.worshipthischristmas.com)

Or you can choose the $89 option and we will purchase and set up a custom domain for you. You can choose any domain that is available for purchase.

How many edits can we make?

You will receive 2 rounds of edits with the $69 option or 3 rounds of edits with $89 option. We will send you the site for review, you will send us any edits you want. We will make those changes and you have one (or tw0) more round of edits after that to get the site just the way you want it.

If more edits are needed, we will discuss pricing options.

Do I have to have falling snow on my page?

Of course not! If you don’t like the snow effect, we can turn that off on your page.

Time is Running Out!

Purcahse your page by December 10 so you have time to promote it to your community!








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